Club Regions

The Goldwing Owners Club of Ireland is loosely made up of four regions.
These are the North West region, Leinster region, Munster region and Western Wings.
Meeting places and times vary, so if you want to meet up with Goldwing owners from your own part of the country,
it’s probably a good idea to get in touch with the one of the regional representatives.
 Regional Representatives

International Rep: Marian Reynolds

Telephone, mobile; +353 87 9079215
Telephone, land line; +353 1 8354227

North West Wings Rep: Dermott Smith

Telephone, mobile; +353 87 4469533

Munster Wings Rep: Liam Browne

Telephone, mobile: +353 86 3695212

Leinster Wings Rep: Joe Smith

Telephone, mobile; +353 86 2633950

Western Wings Rep: Jim Shanahan

Telephone, mobile; +353 86 8479733


Please note that the weekly or monthly places for the regions are in addition to any runs that are organized.
For regions that don’t have a regular meeting place or time, please contact the rep for details of their next meeting