Club Constitution

GWOCI Constitution

Updated November 23rd 2013

1. About:

i. The Club, officially referred to as the Goldwing Owners Club of Ireland Ltd. shall be known as the GoldWing Owners’ Club of Ireland abbreviated to GWOCI. herein referred to as “the Club”.

ii. The Club is a non-profit making organisation.

2. Governance:

i. The Club is affiliated to the GoldWing European Federation (GWEF). The Club accepts the GWEF Constitution, Event Rules, and Touring Awards Rules.

ii. The Club is affiliated to MCI, MotorCycling Ireland the governing body of motor cycle sport in Ireland.

iii. The Club is governed by the Companies Acts 1963 – 1990 and also by the Club Articles of Association.

3. Objective and Purpose of the Club:

i. The aims of the Club are to encourage contact and friendship between GoldWing owners/riders in Ireland and abroad, to promote the image of motorcycling as a safe and enjoyable activity, and to assist all motorcyclists in any way possible.

ii. We extend a “Céad Míle Fáilte” and help to all GoldWing Owners and riders from other countries.

iii. Treffen: Irish International Treffens (with GWEF recognition) will be held on dates agreed with GWEF. Each venue to be decided by the Committee.

4. Membership:

i. Membership application is open to all GoldWing owners/riders and their partners, subject to the rules as set out in the Club Constitution. Appropriate membership fees apply.

ii. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or revoke Membership.

iii. All Members as per 1994 Membership year have full Membership with voting rights within the Club and retain these rights with continuous valid renewals and completion of valid renewal forms. This will be strictly enforced by the Membership Secretary, with the support of the Committee.

4.1 Full Membership
4.1.1 Full Membership application is open to all GoldWing owners/riders and their partners who reside in Ireland or are holders of an Irish Passport.
4.1.2 All Full Goldwing Members are entitled to a GWEF card.
4.1.3 Full Members may apply for one renewal as a Full Member while temporarily without a Goldwing, thereafter they may apply for Associate Membership as set out at 4.2.3 and 4.2.4.
4.1.4 In the event of a full member (rider) passing away the partner of the member may apply for one renewal as a Full Member and thereafter they may apply as an Associate Member.
4.2 Associate Membership
4.2.1 Associate Membership application is open to all GoldWing owners/riders and their partners who reside outside Ireland and are not holders of an Irish Passport. Applications must be made at an Irish Treffen and are subject to approval by the Committee. Long term Associate Members may apply to the Committee for consideration of Full membership.
4.2.2 Associate Members as per 2013 membership year who are Goldwing owners/riders are entitled to a GWEF card . All other Associate Members are not entitled to hold a GWEF card.
4.2.3 Riders of other motorcycles in Ireland may apply for Associate Membership.
4.2.4 Any Member who is no longer able to ride a motorcycle can apply for renewal of their Membership each year.
4.2.5 Associate Members may participate in all Club events but do not have any voting rights at AGM/EGM and cannot stand for any committee positions as set out in section 3(b) of the Articles of Association.

4.3 Life Membership
In recognition of worthy, long and dedicated service to GWOCI, in exceptional circumstances the Committee may bestow Life Membership on an individual. A Life Member shall enjoy free membership. Life Members have the same rights as Full Members as set out in section 3(d) of the Articles of Association.

5. Subscription:

i. An annual Membership subscription is payable except in the case of Life Membership. The subscription is agreed by the Committee. If renewal is not paid by the due date as per the renewal membership notice, membership will lapse.

ii. All Members including life Members are required to renew membership each year.

iii. The membership cards remain the property of GWOCI/GWEF.

6. General Club Meetings:

i. The Annual General Meeting will take place on a date agreed by the Committee.

ii. Written notice will be given to all Full Members at least 30 days prior to the AGM/EGM.

iii. An EGM may be called by the Committee, as deemed necessary.

iv. Upon written request of at least 25% of Full Members, an EGM must be called.

v. Each Full Member present is entitled to one vote at the AGM/EGM, per issue.

vi. In the case of a tied vote, The Chairperson shall have the casting vote. This casting vote is in addition to the Chairperson’s normal vote.

7. Committee:

i. The Committee of this Club shall be elected at the AGM.

ii. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, International Representative and Officers as deemed necessary.

iii. Nominations for Committee positions will be taken from the floor during AGM/EGM.

iv. Any nominee running for a Committee position must be a Full Member.

v. The nominee must be present or have indicated to the secretary that he/she is prepared to accept the nomination and be proposed and seconded by Full Members.

vi. Where there is more than one nominee for a Committee position, voting will be by secret ballot.

vii. Individual persons may be co-opted by the Chairperson or Committee to help and/or advise the Committee on specific matters or to fill vacant Committee positions. The holders of all Committee positions present at committee meetings have a vote whether elected or co-opted.

viii. The Chairperson will call Committee meetings as he/she deems necessary or at the request of a majority of Committee Members. At least 50% of the Committee shall constitute a quorum at any meeting. Voting decisions shall be carried by at least 2/3 of the Committee present. All committee members will abide by, and support committee decisions.

ix. The resignation or expulsion of a member, holding a position on the Club Committee or Directorship, will automatically terminate that position held. The Member has the right to appeal as set out at section

x. If any Committee member is deemed not be carrying out their duties or is deemed unfit to carry out such duties by 2/3 of the Committee, a 2/3 majority vote of no confidence shall result in the removal of the said individual from the position in question.

8. Directors:

i. Directors are appointed at the AGM subject to the conditions laid down in the companies Acts 1963 to 1990 and the Club Articles of Association. A minimum of two Directors must be appointed to include a Company Secretary. Only full Members are entitled for appointment as Director and directors are required to maintain full membership.

9. Club Code of Conduct:

i. No individual shall in any way claim to speak for or to represent the Club, its Committee or its Officers unless formally so authorised by the Chairperson or by the Committee. Any liability arising from any unauthorised representation shall be the sole responsibility of the individual(s) concerned.

ii. In relation to motorbike events, e.g. Bike rallies, where a check-in is necessary, it is permissible to sign in as a GWOCI Member. The Member will be responsible for any actions that may bring the Club into disrepute and may be reprimanded accordingly.

iii. The GWOCI committee expects the highest standards of behaviour from its officers and Members not only within the framework of this constitution, but also to act within a spirit of mutual support, tolerance, honesty, and respect for each other.

iv. In the event of a breach of these constitutional rules, a Member of the Committee may temporarily withdraw the members membership card

v. The Committee may reprimand, suspend or expel a Member and may also remove an officer from office (as set out in 7.x).

vi. Right to Appeal
a) A Member or an Officer disciplined by GWOCI shall have a right of appeal. Notice of this appeal shall be given to the Chairperson in writing within 30 days of the Member or officer being officially informed of the disciplinary action.
b) The appeal shall be heard at the first committee meeting following the receipt of the appeal. The appellant may be present and has the right to have one other member of their choice present.
c) The Committee decision on the appeal shall be final.

10. Submissions for discussion at the AGM/EGM:

i. All submissions for discussion under Other Business at the AGM/EGM should be notified in writing to the Secretary 60 days prior to the AGM/EGM. Any submissions will be included on the AGM/EGM Agenda by the Secretary.

ii. All Full Members are entitled to raise issues at an AGM/EGM under AOB.

11. Amendments to the Constitution
i. All Full Members are entitled to propose changes to the Constitution under the appropriate procedures. Proposals must be notified in writing to the Secretary 60 days prior to the AGM/EGM.

ii. Any proposed change to the constitution must be notified by the Club Secretary to the members with the notification of the AGM/EGM.

iii. To validate a change in the Club constitution, at least ⅔ majority of full Members present at the AGM/EGM is necessary.

The Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of the rules as laid out in the Constitution. The decision of the Committee upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided for in these rules shall be final and binding on all Members.

This, the Constitution of the Gold Wing Owners Club of Ireland Ltd., replacing that last revised in November 2010 was accepted by at least a 2/3 majority of the Members at the AGM held on 23rd November 2013.

Gold Wing Owners Club of Ireland