About Us


Welcome to GWOCI (GoldWing Owners Club of Ireland) and its official website. www.gwoci.com

We are a nationwide Club, made up of a friendly bunch of like minded bikers and are as diverse and interesting a group as you will find anywhere.

We all try to help each other out with any problem from A to Z….. from aligning a sidecar to checking  your Zumo.

Our Website is a great resource for information about the Club and its activities, please take your time to explore it.

We always welcome input from our members.  Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our Committee Members for further information.

Types of Club Activities you can avail of:

GWOCI is a member Club of the GoldWing European Federation (GWEF) and through it,

you have access to International GoldWing treffens (rallies) and touring events.

The Irish Treffen is held in August each year

Participation in mystery runs

Sunday runs

Trips to Mondello, road races, the NW200

Weekends away  (normally with group rates)

Involvement in Charity runs and events

Participation in local parades and festivals including St. Patrick’s Day Parades nationwide.

We have an events forum for members highlighting events nationwide.

Camping Weekends

All the events are open to Club members and indeed any GWEF member.

Technical issues:

If you have a query or need advice on a problem with your bike you can always

ask a technical question on our Technical forum.  We also have a Technical Rep on our Committee

who keeps us informed on any GoldWing recalls or safety issues that he becomes aware of.

Discounts; As a member you can avail of some great discounts and low cost ferry prices.

Very handy if you intend touring Europe.

Structure of the club:

The Club in Ireland is organised on a regional basis.  As a member, you can choose to join in with the regional group(s) of your choice.

Contact details for your regional rep is in the General Information section of this website.

We hold an AGM usually in November where a Committee is elected by the members present.

As GWOCI is a limited company we also have elected directors.


Membership is open to any GoldWing owner / rider in Ireland (see Club Constitution on our Website for full details).

A membership form is also available on this website.  On joining you will receive a Club patch and pin.

Membership renewals are currently at a reduced rate.

About GWOCI:

MCUI; GWOCI is affiliated to the Touring Section of Motorcycling Ireland, the governing body of all motorcycle sport in Ireland.

Further details can be found on their website http://www.motorcycling-ireland.com

Irish Treffen; Each August we hold a Treffen (GoldWing International rally).

The Irish ‘Treffen’ is one of the smaller international events but has its own unique aspect because of the warmth and friendly

hospitality of the Irish Club, and of the Irish public, which never fails to astonish our continental visitors.

We always attract many overseas visitors to our Treffen from other GWEF member Clubs.

We also have a large attendance of our own members and their families.

The Irish Treffen includes:

Parade of Nations: a  highlight for many, when the bikes parade with all the national flags flying

it’s a great opportunity for the ‘locals’ to view the bikes and take lots of photos.

Light Parade:  As its name implies this gives the attendees an opportunity to ‘show-off’ their bikes

many of which are bedecked with multicoloured lights some of which change colour or tempo to match the music from the bikes.

Scenic runs: The convoy of motorcycles ride a scenic route through local villages and towns to an historical site or point of interest.

Traffic in the towns and villages we ride through may be brought to a stop,

but the spectacle of the bikes passing through is always well appreciated.

These convoys are always well marshalled by our own members and have Garda escorts.

GWEF; Our European connection, the Gold Wing European Federation  is comprised of 25 national clubs

and has combined membership of over 13,000.  The membership of GWEF is growing as new European

clubs continue to join. The four simple objectives are to share information and promote International

contact, friendship, and activities between Gold Wing clubs and riders.  Each national club (member club)

nominates an International Representative who attends the GWEF Committee meetings twice yearly,

usually in Belgium at Easter and Luxembourg in September. Further details can also be found re

GWEF in our information forum.

The word ‘Treffen’ derives from the German language and simply translated means ‘meeting of friends’.

Attendance is for GoldWings only (though partners riding other machines will be allowed on-site).

Members pay a lower inscription rate into the Treffens.  Treffens usually run from Thursday to Sunday

and each International Treffen is a little different as it reflects the culture, customs and history of the

host club’s country.  While Treffens are organised as camping events local accommodation is usually available.

Further details are available on  http://www.goldwing-european-federation.eu/  .

A GWEF calendar of events runs from Easter to September each year.

Treffen Awards: At all international Treffens an award ceremony will take place, usually on Saturday evening.

The inscription form you would have filled in is the source of information used so it’s important to fill the

forms completely, please use GWOCI, IRELAND in the GWEF Club box, as other clubs do not recognise

Leinster, Munster etc (no matter how well the Rugby guys do). There are GWEF awards which recognise

the attendance of members clubs (no. of bikes x distance from the centre of the country etc..

Some Clubs award long distance trophies, direct kms from home or previous treffen to Treffen site only!! along with other ad hoc awards.